Up-and-coming School Facilities


Over the summer vacation, Marymount underwent some exciting refurbishments. The most noticeable change is the STEAM HUB near Our Lady’s, which was previously a teachers’ staff room.  STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics, and all of these different subjects can be taught in this new and improved facility. It was opened in September 2019, and introduced two newly renovated classrooms, Hub 1 and Hub 2. The spaciousness of Hub 1 allows for Art and Engineering to take place as well as other subjects that require room to move and think. The sinks and workbenches in Hub 2 make it the perfect place for scientific experiments to be conducted. Both are equipped with large TV screens that have become a vital piece in learning in our digital age. The overall purpose of bringing a STEAM Hub onto our school campus is to further interlink these various subjects, especially the Arts and Sciences. It may be that your love of science brings you to appreciate a certain aspect of art, and the STEAM hubs tries to achieve this by giving us a space where these multiple disciplines can be taught.

The school has also introduced a new STEAM club on Wednesday after school. Irati Largo, a member of this club says “We do fun challenges and compete in groups to make the best thing possible. After a few weeks all the knowledge that we learnt comes together to create a solution for a world-wide problem, and then we try and put it into action through building and constructing”.

Regarding the sports facilities at Marymount, the tennis court is receiving a new fresh coat of paint. From speaking with Ms Gregory, we learnt that the upper tennis court is being fully resurfaced in order to make it safer for PE classes and private lessons. “We will have new, modern fencing, nets, and lines in place. This is a much needed investment for the entire community,” she says. The new tennis court looks very promising from seeing the progress so far. The tennis court should be finished by November and ready for use after Christmas break. So look forward to being able to take private tennis lessons at Marymount soon! Furthermore, there will be a new dance studio opening soon!