Newspaper Name Competition

The story behind the Marymount Messenger


Julia Hwang

Ruby Tomlinson and Darcey McAllister

The Guardian
, The New York Times, and The Washington Post are renowned names among journalists and readers alike. However, none of these publications are as exciting as Marymount’s student-led newspaper, the Marymount Messenger. The mission of this new initiative is to keep Marymount students informed with a range of global and local news, and to provide students with a voice and creative outlet.

During last year’s summer term, students and staff were encouraged to submit creative newspaper titles for a naming competition in preparation for the paper launch. Among an array of potential names, Marymount Messenger was voted the most fitting by the community. This can only be attributed to ninth-grade students Darcey and Ruby, who collaborated to make the name. The girls were inspired to use alliteration and a mythological reference to create a memorable title. “Messenger” refers to the Ancient Greek “Messenger” God Hermes, a mythological character who delivered news among the gods. Darcey and Ruby were surprised and delighted by their success, and are excited to follow the content and progression of the Marymount Messenger!