Student Creativity


As the name suggests, the Student Creativity section of the Marymount Messenger is devoted to all things creative here at Marymount: whether it’s visual arts, drama, music or poetry. Our job is to bring into focus all the innovative and wonderful things students come up with during and after school, celebrating the fruits of their imaginations and the wonderful things they create within classes, clubs, and beyond.

Over the next year, we’ll be attempting to bring all of this innovation into the Newspaper in an effort to highlight Marymount’s creative streak, namely through feature pieces, competitions and clubs. Our most exciting new initiative is the Marymount Poetry Society, a group that will allow students to spend time honing their creative expression through poetic forms, giving them the chance to develop their writing voice and get recognition for their work at school. We’re so excited to bring this to the student body and hope to start off the Student Creativity Section with a bang!