ISSA Football Tournament 2019

Earlier this month, the Marymount Football team travelled to Portugal to compete against various schools from around the world for the ISSA tournament. The team made it to the finals, played against the Deutsche Schule London, and came second overall. Fay Kubba, the Vice-Captain, explained that even though they did not win the tournament, the moments that she would not forget were the ones spent with the team in the streets of Cascais, forming memories that would stay with her for life. It was not only the moments off the pitch that were memorable for the team, but also the impact they made on players from different schools. A fellow player from another school even professed that they would love to go to Marymount and be a part of the community. We should all be incredibly proud of our high school football team for representing Marymount in the best way possible, fighting until the end, and adding another trophy to our cabinet!

Let’s go Aces, let’s go!

“As a new student, the football season, in general, has introduced me to new friends within the Marymount community. However, travelling to Portugal with the team and competing against other schools only bonded the team closer together – almost like a family. During the season, there’s no denying that we had ups and downs but what was great was our response and fighting hard to earn first place in the JV tournament, and second place in the tough Varsity competition. It was a great experience!” – Lucia Riegé, Grade 11

Safe hands, Kubba!



This years’ football season was memorable for many reasons. Firstly, we witnessed the highest participation rate in my time at Marymount, which allowed us to field both Varsity and JV teams in the competition. After a rocky start to the season, we dug deep, trusted the process and started to produce high-quality performances. The JV team were Champions of the LSSA tournament in London, while the Varsity team took 2nd place, in the closest of finals and against schools from around Europe, in the ISSA tournament in Lisbon. The huge round of applause they received by the entire stadium, and the fact that our teams’ ethos and level of play was made an example of our rival teams, was the greatest reward of all. Could not be more proud of our girls!” – Mr Clainos, Football Head Coach

Having the chance to participate in this year’s football tournament gave me the opportunity to live a new experience as well as to meet new people. When I look back, I can only remember it being as one of the best experiences I have lived in Marymount. I’m looking forward to trying again next year!” – Maria Mielgo, Grade 9

I honestly loved every moment of the trip, from laughing and listening to music on the bus, lying in the sun together and of course playing the matches. It was a fortunate experience which I am so proud to be apart of. My favourite moment has to be beating Aberdeen in the semi-final. The feeling of knowing we were the last two teams in the tournament was immense.” – Olivia Paterson, Grade 10

“Dear Lord, thank you for watching over us this whole tournament. Please help us to play our best and perform to the best of our ability to go into this game and give it all we have. No matter what happens at the end, we are thankful for being here and having the chance to play football, Amen.” – The prayer read before the final
Marymount’s Varsity Football Team 2019