Thanksgiving at Marymount

Source: Pixabay, 2014.


If someone had mentioned Thanksgiving to me when I still lived in Rome, all I would have thought about is plates filled with delicious food and desserts to die for. However, when I moved to London and started attending Marymount, I learnt that it’s a lot more than that.


This year, Thanksgiving falls on Thursday, November 28. It’s a national occasion which can be traced back to 1621, when the Plymouth homesteaders and Wampanoag Indians shared a pre-winter gathered feast. Today, it is recognised as one of the primary Thanksgiving festivities in the USA. It wasn’t until 1863, amidst the Civil War, that President Abraham Lincoln announced a national Thanksgiving Day to be held every November.


If it’s your first year in Marymount, you have yet to experience our wonderful Thanksgiving festivities. If you have, then you will know that Marymount has a very special lunch which usually consists of turkey, pigs in blankets, mashed potatoes, Brussel sprouts, and some gravy to top it all off. I don’t know about you, but I am really looking forward to filling myself with this delightful food! Eating together as a community brings out the love shared between individuals and allows us to come into contact with people we might not speak to on an everyday basis. We’re given a chance to appreciate each other’s company in a homely environment and bond over shared stories, feeling grateful for what we have.


We gather as a community in the Auditorium, our thoughts of thankfulness accompanied by a chorus of angels (the School Choir). We’re guided through a path of reflection and thankfulness by our lovely Ms. Burke, taking a moment to still ourselves during our busy days to say thanks for all that we have and that we can give.


It is a time of community, reflection, delicious food and giving thanks.


What are you grateful for this Thanksgiving? Comment below!


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