Reactions to the Newspaper


After weeks and weeks of writing articles and holding hour-long FaceTime calls to sort out the design of the website, the Marymount Messenger was finally published for everybody to see at 13:00 on Wednesday the 20th of November. Computers lit up all over the school as they received the link to Marymount’s first Newspaper! The staff breathed a huge sigh of relief as the website went live, now that the initial stage was complete. The only thing left to do is write many, many, many more articles for the rest of the year!


Grade 10 student Sade took a look at the Marymount Messenger the day it was released. Her immediate reaction was that she thought the news site was a professional layout. When asked about her favourite aspect of the site, she replied, “I like the colour scheme – it looks clean and elegant. Whenever anyone asks me to design anything, I make it blue, grey, and white.” If Sade approves of the colour scheme, we know that we must have done something right!


Vajayanti Inara Pirani took one look at the article and three words popped into her mind: refreshing, new, and eye-opening. After exploring the website, she admitted her appreciation for the structure and hinted at the sense of community formed through the Marymount Messenger.


Ms Openshaw took time out of her busy schedule to answer a few questions for us. After telling us her initial reaction to how professional and impressive the Marymount Messenger looked, we asked her what her favourite thing about the Newspaper’s website was. She replied, “My favourite thing is the number of reporters – as in the huge number of students getting involved in it. Your staff profiles were just so nice to see; they looked like really professional photos and to see that the staff have all got a different role that is obviously something they are interested in – it is lovely to see you are doing what you enjoy.”


The student news site of Marymount London has been a hit so far and we hope that it continues to spread news, experiences and more among our community, as well as the outside world.