Is Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak now a reality?

How far can technology take us?


The Canadian agency Hyperstealth Biotechnology works within the military market, usually working to provide its clients with camouflaged uniforms. Its clients include the US, Arab Emirates, Canada, Slovakia, New Zealand and Jordan. Recently, it has patented a material that can make people and objects ‘invisible’. The material, named ‘Quantum Stealth’, is a paper-thin technology that works by bending light around a target in order to make it ‘disappear’. Hyperstealth Biotechnology has been developing this technology for years but has only recently applied for patents. The company states that Quantum Stealth can hide infrared, ultraviolet, and thermal signals. (The Telegraph, 2019) This material is set to be used within the military for uses such as hiding tanks in a War Zone. The patent contains 13 different versions of this material that can be used in various circumstances and environments.