The Fast Fashion Phenomenon


 How many of us have been caught up in the latest trends and styles? Or have been too busy purchasing discounted clothes to look into the processes and nature of the brands that we buy from? The truth is that many of us are guilty of buying products made in the fast fashion industry. Many of us are guilty of giving in to affordable clothes which are in style. Here is why we should avoid fast fashion.

From runway to garbage. A couple of days ago, I received an advertising email from a fast-fashion company which I had bought a few things from in the past. It read, “The FOMO is real, purchase these latest and hottest items”. If you are not familiar with the abbreviation “FOMO”, it stands for Fear Of Missing Out. This brought me to think about how we want to keep up with the latest trends in order to not be “outdated” or behind in the fashion world, an insecurity that is widely profited by the fast fashion industry. The truth is, as individuals we should be more mindful by buying clothes that we know we would wear in the long run and not just purchasing an item of clothing because it looks good. A tip is to wait it out. Take at least three to four weeks before you decide on purchasing an item, so that you know if you really want that item of clothing. You would both be saving your money and wasting less material by throwing out less unwanted clothes.

 According to business insider, many fast fashion companies copy the hard-worked designs of small owned fashion businesses. A lot of these businesses are not credited, collaborated with or even compensated after this happen. Think about how disheartening this is. Many laws state that unless a dupe is very recognisable and even containing a similar logo, a fashion brand cannot get a counterfeiting lawsuit. This is just one reason why fast fashion should be avoided.

This year, I encourage you all to be more conscious of the choices that we make as consumers. We can make a change with our choices.