Quick Fit: A 20 minute workout for you – The Review

Working out has always seemed to be more of a chore for me rather than something to enjoy. Naturally then, I would not want to spend forever picking out my routine, examining the benefits it comes with and of course the right music to keep me energised throughout the exercise. So, when Adeoyin and Zara told me about the fitness article they were working on, I was genuinely intrigued and decided to try it out for myself. Hopefully, with this review, you will be able to choose the workouts best suited to you and your preferences.


Personally, I think 20 minutes in the perfect amount of time to break a sweat in a high-intensity manner. Some of these exercises I had never heard of before, which made the experience all that more exciting. I do have to say the first combination is my favourite. The lateral hops,  very similar to the Heismans, are great for your core and I am still feeling the burn. Even though the article says to stick to one combination and keep going at it for 20 minutes, I honestly would say to pick and choose from the various plans something else that you prefer or do not usually do. I also highly recommend the mule kicks. Great for a cool down and perfect for getting a total body workout. It really engages your glutes and your core while putting the right amount of pressure on your arms and shoulders. If there is one exercise you would do, let it be this one.


A top tip I would pass on would be not to look at your timer while doing the exercises. Specifically with the diamond push-ups and the burpees where your heart rate seriously builds up, I find its always better to shift your mind to the beat of the music instead of watching the seconds tick by. Trust me, fifty seconds goes by much faster that way. All in all, I think Adeoyin and Zara did an amazing job on designing a varied, effective and innovative workout plan that I am sure each and every one of you will find something to motivate you to work out, even for 20 minutes.