Mobile Banditry

Man caught with 30 stolen mobile phones in his cycling shorts


A 34 year-old man was caught leaving a rock concert in Amsterdam-Zuidoost , concealing 30 mobile phones in his cycling shorts. The police had reasons to believe that mobile phones would be stolen at the concert after being tipped-off by the Belgian police. The week before this  concert, 50 phones were stolen at a concert in Antwerp, Belgium, which was an indication to the Dutch authorities that a similar event might occur in Amsterdam.  

The police were contacted by people at the Canadian and Sum 41’s concert after many phones were stolen. Upon arrival, the Police Officers surrounded and sealed off the exits of the AFAS Live arena, where the concert took place . Eventually they caught the suspect, with help of the victims by describing the appearance of the suspect to the officers. 

The Dutch authorities have reason to believe that the Romanian suspect was part of a roving gang of thieves but are unsure whether he had any accomplices. 

The suspect is going to appear in court later this week and will remain in custody until the trial. 



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