I love food. I’m sure you do, too. But just imagine how much more enjoyable consuming this said food would be if we were able to do so in peace during break and snack time. When the clock strikes 10 in the morning, I request you to please make your way to the dining hall in an orderly manner without running and screaming. This is to ensure that no one gets hurt and that everyones’ bags don’t slam into each other. Pushing and pulling is not condoned during these times. The tea and coffee station always seems to be a tight space, so it would be appreciated if we could all stop crowding around the area once you have taken your beverage. 


It has also come to my attention that people have been taking more than they should. I understand that a chicken Yakitori stick is absolutely mouth watering to the point one would like 6 of them. Please refrain from doing so as some students have lunch during Period 7 and are not able to be nourished during morning break-time snack. 


Additionally, I would like to remind everyone to clear up after themselves as it is our responsibility to look after our own school environment. 


I have faith that we are all here for one another and I love this school community. Let’s support each other in enabling us all to have a slice of that delicious pizza at the next morning snack time. 


Agony Aunty