Marymount Prom 2020

Recounting the 2nd Annual Marymount Prom


On Friday, the 17th of February 2020, Marymount High School girls left school early to get ready for a soirée. They put on their glamorous dresses, strapped on their heels and made up their face for the night. They stepped into the venue with a shimmer in their eyes, a sway to their hips and a gentleman on their arm, ready to dance and be funky. The night started off slowly but as the right tunes were played, the dancing got more exciting and the food began to flood in.

The venue was spacious and elegantly decorated with colourful strobe lights illuminating the room. There was a loft above the bar area from which you could sit and eat tasty finger food while looking over the rails onto the packed dance floor. The finger foods were refilled regularly enough to satisfy the hunger of those hovering around the white-clothed tables aligned along sides of the dance floor. The food varied from warm chips to spring rolls to chicken brochettes, and towards the end of the night sweet chocolate cakes replaced the savoury snacks. The snacks weren’t the only thing that kept us going; the music was relevant and energising all through the night and only got better when song requests were made and favourites from all grades were played. The DJ was attentive and engaged, succeeding in making us all dance. Food, good music, good people: the perfect recipe for a perfect prom night.


Quotes from prom-goers:

Gr 12 student: “Full of glamour, fun, and tireless dancing. This prom was an unforgettable night.”

Gr 11 student: “Apart from my feet aching at the end of the night, it was fun!”