The Toasty Comfort Foods of Europe


It is inevitable – winter is here and whether you are dreading the next few months or counting the days, many of us seek various ways to keep warm in the cold. It could be through wearing fluffy hats, drinking hot chocolate or snuggling under a warm blanket; but one of the best ways to keep your soul warm is through toasty comfort food. Ranging all the way from traditional Swedish meatballs to Irish lamb stew, here is a list of delicious meals that will snug you through the freezing winter months!

Traditional meals from the Swiss Alps, such as a raclette and fondue are soul warming dishes that will get you through the coldest winter days. Fondue, is a mix of two classic Swiss cheeses, Gruyere and Emmental which are melted in a pot and bread is dipped into. This is a prefect meal to have with a large group of people since all you need to do is poke your extra-long forks into the hot bubbly cheese!

Raclette is another traditional Swiss meal, that comes from a French word which means ‘to scrape’ and this is exactly what is done. Cheese is melted in a raclette grill and scraped onto a plate full of vegetables which is extremely delicious. This meal is guaranteed to keep you warm when eating it as well as full for the following hours.

Another classic European mean that is perfect for the winter is one that contains Swedish meatballs. The classic Swedish meatballs create the perfect amount of warmth needed for those cold rainy days ahead. Lovingly handmade meatballs, constructed from the finest meat – or frozen ones grabbed on the way home – regardless, they taste delicious.

Lamb stew from Ireland has been warming generations of people through the snowy winters. Generally made with beef or lamb, this stew originally only included onions and potatoes – simple yet delicious! Nowadays, it generally includes goat or lamb with added vegetables, like carrots, turnips or parsnips.

With these toasty winter dishes, the next few months will be a breeze, with nothing but warm cosy meals after a long day at school!