Should students be able to grade their teachers?


Day after day, our teachers hand out assessments, grade them, and then hand them back to us. We always take  a deep breath before fearfully looking at our grade, hoping we have achieved what we wish. We are marked on all that we do at school, ranging from our performance in class to the many assessments we receive. The question is, should we be able to grade our teachers?


Grading a teacher will not only be beneficial to the teacher, but also the student. Students sometimes feel that they cannot talk to their teachers, especially about bad experiences. However, through a grading or feedback system, a student would be able to share their feelings with their teachers more effectively. Once receiving the feedback, the teacher would also be able to change their approach to certain situations. They would also be able to understand the general problems that students face. This grading system would also be beneficial to the school’s management team, who would become more aware of the teachers’ performance through the eyes of the students. The feedback received would also help the management make decisions when it comes to promotions, or in serious circumstances, the management would also be able to take any necessary action against a teacher if required. If students have the ability to grade their teachers, it would allow the teachers to see their progress in their profession, and whether they can make class more enjoyable for their students. The more students enjoy the class, the more they will pay attention, therefore increasing their grade. Teachers are responsible for preparing students with the knowledge needed for their future, so they should know if they are doing a good job or not.


Ultimately, the grading system would be beneficial because teachers would be able to understand what their students think, and what they can do better or keep doing. However, the students grading their teachers should remember to be fair. Overall, think about it – wouldn’t it be fun to give our teachers a grade for once?