Kindertransport Lecture


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The Kindertransport was a rescue programme organised by the British government which operated to evacuate Jewish children from Nazi-occupied regions of Europe. The Kindertransport programme ran between November 1938 and September 1939, helping nearly 10,000 children to flee from Adolf Hitler’s reign of terror; children were granted asylum and given homes, which allowed them to integrate into British society. It was a lifesaving opportunity for Jewish families to give their children a chance of safety from genocide.

On Tuesday morning, Grade 9 students had the incredible opportunity to attend a Kindertransport lecture by Mrs Anne Glenny. She talked about the persecution and discrimination that her mother, father and brother experienced as Jews in Vienna, and their journey to a new life in England. The Kindertransport experience that Mrs Anne Glenny recounted was impactful, as it gave insight into real-life experiences within history. Although the girls studied the Kindertransport programme in Drama class, the personal account helped Grade 9 to grasp the reality and implications of the Kindertransport programme.

“We were able to immerse ourselves in her incredible story through our conversations with her, the photos she showed us and the letters written by her brother and parents during the war. In all, we are grateful for the unforgettable opportunity and learning experience Mrs Glenny provided us with, especially as we are often quite removed from the situation studying it in the classroom.” – Grade 9 student