UK sale of diesel cars to be banned by 2032


Source: Pixabay


A new ban against the selling of new petrol, diesel or hybrid cars is to be put in place in the UK by 2040 at the latest, starting in 2032 as stated by the transport secretary. Boris Johnson unveiled this policy after stating that this year will be a defining year for climate action at a launch event for the UN’s upcoming climate summit in November. At the time, the ban was expected to begin in 2035, but the date has since been bumped up, raising concerns of the car industry.


This ban has a lot of weight to it, as one can imagine. Only the purchasing of electric cars and vans will be possible once the ban is put in place, and conventional diesel cars – as well as hybrids – will have to be off the roads by 2050. Boris Johnson has made a pledge to have the ban seen through before 2050’s ‘net zero’ target, stating that the UK has “the responsibility of our planet to lead in this way”. Currently, the public health of the UK is being compromised by poor air quality and so quick and strong action is vital. The reprogramming of traffic lights across the UK is also meant to take place in the time between now and 2032, all in an effort to improve air quality and reduce carbon emissions. However, carmakers are concerned by this policy, as without grants or incentives to produce electric cars, their businesses will be heavily compromised. Not only that, generally there is great worry that the average salary may not be able to afford a new electric car. More concerns are as to how the country will be able to provide necessary infrastructure that will charge millions of new vehicles.


Until the ban on diesel cars comes into place, we can expect more information on how it will be brought about in a way that benefits both the public and car manufacturers. This topic is interesting as it is evidence that members of our government are pushing for an eco-friendlier and healthier environment, which is refreshing and promising. For now, we can only wait to see how this policy will pan out as we observe how our country is changing its ways for the better.