Second Place… Isabella Hale

March 4, 2020

The Book of Life By Isabella Hale

The book of life,

Lies still and silent……

Coated in a coarse layer of dust,

A musty smell surging through the air,

The book, undisturbed for years,

Gradually forced out of hibernation.

The uneasy feeling of change,

Brought about by the opening of the book.

With a meaning yet unclear,

It holds a selection of desires, that slither out throughout the progression of evolution. The hunger for adventure;

The belief of a soul changing moment;

And a path towards a new beginning.

Become at home with the rhythm

Of a new lifestyle.

And learn that sometimes the good things Fall apart; so the better things

Can come together.

So remember,

Every end, is just a new beginning.

Upon reflection;

Letting go of the past, and

Freeing oneself of their failures,

And their disappointments,

Leads to the embrace of a new perspective, A fresh look at the future,

And all the wonderful possibilities it holds.


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