Grade 12 Art Exhibition


Artwork and photo by Ludovica Ginevri.

It all leads up to this: two years of hard work, staying up late to finish your painting through that one detail that would bring the piece to completion. Countless research and artist studies, making the artwork the best it could be, one that would stun everyone viewing it. IB Art is not something that can be taken lightly, as the soon-to-be graduating Grade 12s have realised. It is made of hard work and patience, of frustration and development. Though the two-year journey is not an easy one, it is one of growth and enjoyment. Seeing your pieces flourishing because of that one brush stroke that brings it all together must certainly be of boundless gratification. It certainly brings much satisfaction to see all the efforts that have been poured in being paid off.


I went to speak to  Mr. Robertson about the upcoming art exhibition- the next step in the Grade 12 art student’s schedule, and it’s with glowing pride that he speaks of it. After asking him how it felt to have his Grade 12 students finally be able to show their art to people, he speaks of their hard work throughout the course of the two years, repeatedly expressing how impressed and proud he is of them for pushing themselves as artists and following through with their passions and aspirations. It is an opportunity to put together all of their work and efforts into a display of their talent and development throughout the two years. They will be off school for two days in preparation for it, to sort and set up their paintings at the HKS architect studio, proud to present the fruits of their labour. “To be in London with a private space, it makes them feel like proper artists.”


They’ll work together as individuals, setting up their own space that eventually comes together with many others to create a stunning display. I wonder how fun it must be for all of them, to be off school with others who have similar interests, coming to school early in the morning and spending time wrapping their artworks with bubble wrap and transporting them to the venue, knowing that all of the work they did is paying off. Mr. Robertson highly encourages everyone to come along and enjoy this exhibition as the students have put in a lot of work and time into making the paintings and organising it. “It feels very empowering for the girls to come into this space, set up their artworks and solve the problems themselves; for us to come see that exhibition as a student body and faculty- it’s wonderful.” He compares this exhibition to the drama performance that is set up every year; seeing the students in a different capacity, seeing them as individuals and young people going out in the wider world.


As mentioned, the exhibition will be set up at the HKS Architect Studio in Great Titchfield, Fitzrovia and will be open on Monday 23rdof March. The private view (open for family and friends) begins at 05.00 pm. I know what you are wondering now: do I have to pay to visit the exhibition? You will be glad to know that any parents, relatives and friends do not have to pay to visit! Just clear your mind and enjoy the beautiful works that our Grade 12s have created.


Mr. Robertson and the Grade 12 students look forward to seeing you there!