What does it mean to be a fan?


Source: Pixabay ( https://pixabay.com/photos/concert-crowd-audience-people-768722/)

Whether it be actors, celebrities, sports, bands, movies, characters – we are all fans of something. As we wait in line to see our favourite band play their concert, we can’t help wondering what it means to be a fan?The origin of the word fan comes from the word fanatic, which, according to Merrian Webster, can be defined as being “marked by excessive enthusiasm and often intense uncritical devotion.” This word, in turn, originates from Latin fanaticus which means ‘mad’ or ‘inspired by a deity’.


Today, the word fan is often seen associated with another word, such as fanbase, fandom, fangirl or fanboy. Fans have even come up with names for their particular groups, such as Potterheads, Swifties, Selenators and more. The question is, where does our sense of being a fan come from? It could be something you grew up with, or something that stems from where you lived, or a school you attended. Being a fan can even come from something as simple as your friend showing you a band and telling you will love them. The next thing you know is you’re playing them on repeat the whole day.


Being a fan is like being part of a relationship; there’s a meaningful connection that makes you feel a part of something. When you can call yourself a fan, you are joining in a positive cycle, where your enthusiasm truly lets you enjoy something that you love. Being a fan also connects you to other people that share the same love as you do; it builds new relationships, whether they are with people who are fans of the same thing as you, or fans of a rival team.