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Baking Recipes

An evergrowing article of baking recipes - yum!

This article is a constantly developing collection of the best and most delicious desserts and bakes, displayed and presented through easy-to-follow steps and pictures. Whether you wish to put your baker’s hat on and prepare a dessert to be enjoyed at a gathering where everybody can admire your skills, or whether you simply have a high-maintenance sweet tooth, you will not be disappointed.

Banana Bread with Chocolate Chips

BANANA BREAD A true classic, banana bread is great for any occasion and any time of the day. This simple and moist banana bread recipe is easy to make - with minimal ingredients and minimal cleanup, it's a very practical recipe with delicious results. To spice your banana bread up, consider adding chocolate chips to the mix, which is great for coaxing young kids to try some. Just a dab of butter a...

Apple Crumble

APPLE CRUMBLE This simple yet delicious apple crumble recipe for four is sure to impress as either a dessert or act as well-deserved comfort food after a week of hard work. Prepared with minimal ingredients, you can easily use up leftovers in your kitchen without having to go on a tiresome visit to the local supermarket. This crumble also has the quality of being easy to ‘dress up’ or ‘dres...

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