Apple Crumble


This simple yet delicious apple crumble recipe for four is sure to impress as either a dessert or act as well-deserved comfort food after a week of hard work. Prepared with minimal ingredients, you can easily use up leftovers in your kitchen without having to go on a tiresome visit to the local supermarket. This crumble also has the quality of being easy to ‘dress up’ or ‘dress down’, since you can add, replace, or take away certain ingredients as you fancy, therefore serving you well in any situation that you find yourself in- including that last-minute cook-up for when your demanding auntie unexpectedly comes over afterschool. With added clotted cream, custard, or vanilla ice cream (although we won’t stop you if you are adventurous enough to try other flavours), this recipe is truly a delight.


For the filling 

  • 575g Bramley apple (3 medium apples) peeled, cored, and sliced to approximately 1cm thick

  • 2 tbsp brown sugar (or other)


For the crumble 

  • 175g plain flour

  • 110g brown sugar (or other)

  • 110g cold butter (softened after some time out of the fridge)


For the topping (optional) 

  • 1 tbsp rolled oats

  • 1 tbsp brown sugar (or other)



1. Heat your oven to 190C/170 fan/gas 5.

2. Throw all of your pre-cut bramley apple slices into a bowl and add your 2 tbsp of brown sugar. Mix them together until your sugar has stuck to your apples. Then, neatly arrange your apple slices into a 23cm round baking dish (you can also use a 20cm square dish or equivalent) of around 5cm deep. Lightly flatten them with your hand to prevent crumble falling through.

3. Mix 175g of your plain flour and 110g brown sugar in a separate bowl. Add your softened 110g butter to the bowl and rub it into the mixture until it is completely combined in a smooth breadcrumb-like consistency. Shake your bowl, and if any big bits come to the top be sure to rub them in.

4. Spoon your mixture over your apples, pressing and evening it out with a fork so it holds together and stays crisp. If you are feeling fancy, use the back of your fork to create a subtle design.

5. Add your 1 tbsp rolled oats and 1 tbsp of brown sugar to the top of your baking dish and mixture evenly. This is not an essential step.

6. Carefully put your baking tray into your oven for 35-40 minutes. The top of your crumble must be golden and crisp, your apples soft when you insert a knife into the middle of them, and steam coming from your slice once you cut into it.

7. Add a topping of clotted cream, custard, or vanilla ice cream- and enjoy!

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