Happy News


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Many times when listening to the news, especially in these times, we hear stories of war and death and disease. The subject matters and headlines of today’s news are often depressing, turning some of us away from opening news apps or newspapers as we feel we already know what same sad stories will be told. The mainstream news has seemingly always been geared towards bad news and sad stories, sometimes even overlooking the positive things going on in the world at the same time. This is probably because bad news often out-weights the good, however constantly having a pessimistic outlook on the world is not a sane way to live one’s life and so listening to a few good stories, or happy news, could really do us some good. This article is a collection of small wins and happy stories that have taken place in the past few weeks around the work that will hopefully put you in a good mood and give you more hope for the future!


March 25th

The EU has unveiled the steps it is taking to move towards a circular economy with the “right to repair” law that will cover all phones and tablets. Makers of electronic devices such as phones and laptops will have to make their products easier to repair as the European commission plans to extend its “right to repair” legislation. This will help extend the lifetime of these devices as well as the recycling process of these devices as they will be easier to disassemble. You might never worry about paying to get your phone repaired again!


February 25th

Hummingbirds are elegant, colourful birds full of life and energy. Their extinction was approaching before Mexico created more than a hundred urban gardens across Mexico, most of them in Mexico city attracting hummingbirds that have seen their natural environment decline due to city sprawl. Mexico is home to 58 different species of hummingbirds that are no longer at high risk of extinction thanks to this “Urban Gardens” project that supports their life and growth.

February 5th

Plant-Based plastics could be recycled 100 times thanks to a new breakthrough! A few scientists from the Universities of Bath and Birmingham have come up with a new way of chemical recycling which involves something different: converting plastics back into their constituent chemical molecules. By doing so they can be used to make new plastics of no worse quality than the original

“Our method of chemical recycling overcomes this problem by breaking down plastic polymers into their chemical building blocks, so they can be used all over again to make virgin plastic without losing any properties.” Says Professor Matthew Jones ,from Centre for Sustainable and Circular Technologies at the University of Bath.

Finally, a year-old story that will make your heart melt…

Above is a south american Magellanic penguin named Din Din and his best friend Joao Pereira de Souza. Joao saved Din Din’s life in 2011 from the rocks on a beach in Brazil and ever since then Din Din swims around 5,000 miles every year to reunite with the man who saved his life. Penguins live for about 25 years and are known for their loyalty to their mates, staying with the same partner until they die, and this penguin will never go a year without seeing his mate Joao!



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