Non-Fiction Book Recommendations


Invisible Women by Caroline Criado Perez

In a world that’s been designed for men, women’s needs often go by unnoticed. According to The Guardian, the word “feminism” has become so familiar that people have begun to feel tired of hearing it. A recent survey uncovered that more than two-thirds of men in Britain believe that women today share equal rights. However, Invisible Women, a book by the activist and writer Caroline Criado Perez, uses shocking information to unveil all the hidden places in the modern world where women face discrimination. 

Most workplaces today are up to five degrees too cold for women because the algorithm used to regulate their temperature was created in the 1960s based on the metabolism of a middle-aged man—this algorithm does not take women into consideration, who have slower metabolic rates than men. Cars are designed around the body of men, so women, who are usually shorter than men, often have to lean forward while driving and peer over the dashboard. Due to this, women involved in car accidents are 50% more likely to get seriously wounded. Male actors spend 100% more screen time in films compared to female actors. Even in medical research, 90% of medical testing is carried out on male animals. As the book, Invisible Women, repeatedly explains, the gender data gap exists everywhere, from medical research and transportation to broadcasting and tech culture. If you’ve ever thought that your phone is too big for your fingers, chances are that you’re a woman! 

The book, Invisible Women, is a must-read for all ages. For students who go to an all-girls school like Marymount, the book, Invisible Women, can give a detailed insight into challenges that girls could face as they grow up and inspire them to achieve their dreams, because success does not have a gender. 


Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand

When Louis Zamperini’s American military plane crashed into the Pacific Ocean during World War Two, little did he know that he would live to tell a fascinating survival story. 

As a young boy, Louis Zamperini was a miscreant who grew up to become an Olympic athlete. However, when World War Two began, he became an airman and ventured on a journey that ended with a crash in the sea, killing everyone but three. Zamperini, himself, had broken each and every rib of his after crashing into the sea. Unbroken, written by Laura Hillenbrand,  follows the story of Zamperini, a clever and courageous man, who, along with two other survivors, spent days in the open sea on a small raft, with no idea what he was drifting towards. 

Packed with hundreds of photos of the journey and a special interview with Zamperini, Unbroken is a survival saga that will tear you up, shock you, and inspire you all at once. 


The Little Book of Talent by Daniel Coyle

We often presume that successful people were gifted with talent at birth. But, Daniel Coyle offers 52 tips for discovering your own potential and nurturing your talents in his clever and concise handbook, The Little Book of Talent. Rather than writing obscure quotes like ‘Dream big’ or Reach for the stars’, Daniel Coyle offers practical, no-nonsense guidelines that have stemmed from years of research. 

Whether you are looking to improve your tennis skills, learning to sing like a professional, or searching for study skills that actually work, The Little Book of Talent offers you help in every step of your journey to success. If you’re just getting started, Daniel Coyle advises you to figure out if the skill that you’re trying to build is a hard skill or a soft skill. If you’re working on enhancing your skills, you’ll be encouraged to pay attention immediately after you make a mistake and use various techniques to enhance your learning ability. If you’re looking to find ways to keep making progress in your journey, you’ll learn how to welcome repetition and grit into your life.

Age doesn’t matter, because this book is for anyone who wants to accomplish a goal but doesn’t know how to begin. The Little Book of Talent has a lot to offer, from guidelines that you can easily incorporate into your daily life to short lessons that you’ll always remember.