Athreya, Sakshi

Sakshi wrote a screenplay about how the Partition of India affected relationships then, and how it continues to do so today. Through this project, she found a way to combine her interests of history and theatre. Read her words on the project, and take a look at her process below!

“The Goal of my project was “To discover how the Partition of India in 1947 affected relationships then and now by writing a screenplay that explores these themes”. The screenplay was set in the 21st century with the principal character narrating her journey through partition to her grandchildren, while explaining how this historical catastrophe shaped her as a person today. The screenplay also contains a background to partition section, in order to inform readers lacking prior knowledge of the partition. The personal project has strengthened my planning and time management skills to a great extent.In addition to this, the personal project has also helped me grow as an inquirer and shaped me to be more reflective. At times this product was challenging, however as the project involved two of my passions history and drama, it was enjoyable to combine my interests through this journey.”