Masondo, Sofía

Translating poetry from Spanish to English

Sofía’s project was to translate her grandmother’s published book of short stories and poetry on the subject of her childhood. She printed five copies of her final book. See what she has to say about the project here:

“For my Grade 10 Personal Project, I decided to translate my grandmother’s published book of short stories and poetry from Spanish into English. Being both Argentine and English, I thought this would be a great way to connect my cultures together and see how they can fit. Translating poetry was a difficult skill to learn, and it took a lot of time, but I ended up with a product that I am really proud of – a finished, printed book, with parallel English and Spanish text. I also wrote a 750- word introduction explaining the translated book and the project, and redesigned the covers, where I wrote a blurb and put a photo of us together – the writer and the re- writer. I really enjoyed the process of my personal project and learned so much, about language, myself, my cultures and my grandmother. I recorded my progress on a website I made using Wix, which is linked here!”