Man runs 20.2M for disadvantaged children

A man ran 20.2 miles to raise money for students who can’t afford Yearbooks


Source: CNN

Patrick Rodio, 47, is a marathon runner in New Jersey. On May 3rd, he ran 20.2 miles to raise money for graduating students at Collingswood High School.


Collingswood High School’s 117 seniors have had their final year of school affected by the coronavirus pandemic, which meant that many fundraising events were cancelled. This impacted students as the $75 dollars needed to purchase a yearbook can be quite expensive for some. Many students have lost their jobs due to the pandemic, causing the purchase of yearbooks to be even harder.


Rodio decided to raise money so that the students would be able to have Yearbooks, because he knew that they had worked for 12 years only to have classes conducted virtually and the prom and in-person graduation cancelled. He wanted to make sure they had something to remember their senior year by.


Robert Lewandowski, a commissioner of the town, helped Rodio set up an online fundraising site for people to donate as he completed his run. Rodio run was a loop through the local park and passing by the high school. He ran this loop 14 times, completing his run in little over three hours.


Whilst maintaining the social distancing, many students, parents and other runners showed up to support Rodio. They held signs of encouragement, rang cowbells and honked their cars in show of support. Rodio’s kind act even reached the New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy, who tweeted his gratitude.


In 3 weeks, the fundraiser for the Class of 2020 raised over $7,000.