Iman in the Spotlight!

Iman shares her memories of Marymount and the confidence we all need to take risks and learn from our mistakes!

What will you miss most about Marymount?

Everything, honestly. But the couch in the DP lounge holds a special place in my heart – I’ve had tears of happiness, sadness, stress, laughter – just a whole load of tears on that couch.

What is your funniest/favourite memory from Marymount?

Cookie-gate #ifuknowuknow

What is your favourite Marymount tradition?

When each grade and staff sing the ‘The Twelve Days of Christmas” together at the Christmas assembly/liturgy.

Where is your favourite place on campus?

It’s a tough call between the Our Lady’s and Main House bathrooms…had a couple DMC’s (deep & meaningful conversations) in both…

Which university do you plan to attend/what subject will you be pursuing after leaving Marymount?

UCL or Kings.

What are you most looking forward to about university?

A lot of things. Probably not having to follow a strict curriculum and having some space to figure out what I want to do. Oh, and sleeping in. And greasy takeout.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Finessing my way to the top of the company (assuming I don’t already own it).

What advice do you have for younger students as they move forward in their Marymount experience?

I don’t really believe in advice because giving a young person advice is like telling someone to run towards a burning building – they’re going to do the exact opposite. Honestly, just do you. You will only learn from your mistakes.

Who has been an influential figure in your life at Marymount?

My chemistry teacher – Mrs. John. If you’re reading this, don’t get too comfortable without me – Elisa and I will be back for our tea parties 😉

Anything else you’d like to add?

Dear Marymount, I love you 3000.