An Interview with Adeoyin Adewunmi, Candidate for Student Council President

I don’t run often, but when I do it’s for President.


Adeoyin, Grade 11, describes herself as an athletic and charismatic individual. She is part of the soccer and track and field teams. In Grade 9, she stood as the stage manager in Marymount’s annual drama performance and recently played a major role in this year’s production of “Urinetown”. A Marymount student for four years, Adeoyin prides herself on her involvement in services in and out of school. Adeoyin has been part of numerous councils from Boarding Fundraising to the NHS, which has allowed her to make an impact on the outside world. On the Social Justice Committee, which she started, she and her peers worked with an organisation called “Bloody Good Period” by encouraging the students to donate sanitary products in aid of female refugees “in need of basic amenities”. One of Adeoyin’s favourite memories as a part of the Marymount community is the 2019 “Senior Prank Day,” when she was woken from her sleep by a bucket of water being dashed on her, leaving her with only a small dry area of her bed for her to sleep on. Another one of her favourite memories is of the Aberdeen soccer tournament in Grade 9, where she and her teammates won the competition.

When asked how she would describe “Marymount Magic”, Adeoyin replies, “community.” In the past she had not experienced any community like Marymount, where everyone is keen on participating in clubs and giving back to the community. “Everyone is accepting,” she says with a genuine look in her eyes. Marymount is a place where once you immerse yourself in an activity, you immediately become part of the community. She also explains that she loves the “traditions [that] are unique to Marymount, like the Halloween skits from each grade and the Christmas carols that we sing before we go off on holiday.” With her role, she would enhance the “Magic” by keeping the traditions but creating new experiences that will leave the same impact on everyone as the current ones do.

Adeoyin’s response to the question “What prompted you to run for Student Council President?” is “Marymount.” In the past, she never took part in clubs or councils, but Marymount brought out a side of her where she always wants to serve the community. She believes that with the Presidency, she will be able to give back to the community in the largest way. She wants other students to gain the abilities and experiences that she has had over the years. Adeoyin believes that what makes a strong leader is being in contact with the faculty and bringing the people around you up to the same level as yourself. She also believes that it is important to understand how different individuals on her team work, so that different projects can be tailored to them. She explains, “For instance, someone who is good at making posters can be assigned that job. To be a leader you need to enhance what you are given and build new skills amongst your team.”

In response to a question about what she thinks the challenges she would face are, Adeoyin replies, “getting other students motivated and on board with my ideas.” Her approach to solving this issue would be “asking people what they want to do and really giving my peers a voice”. Feedback from other Marymount students is important to her and fulfilling wishes would allow change to occur, she believes. “Collaborating with other councils around the school can tackle problems,” Adeoyin says. The involvement of many parties will stimulate greater change and action.