An Interview with Jenny Seong, Candidate for Student Council President

With Jenny as the president, you’re in good hands!


So, to start off, tell us a bit about yourself!

A lot people may not know me, as this is my first year, and I joined one month into the school year as well, but you might know me as the girl who did taekwondo during International Day! I am from South Korea, and moved to the UK in October 2019. Before that I lived in the Philippines and Korea. I moved around a lot, and that gives me the advantage of bringing new perspectives, and I know how to interact with new people well. In Marymount, I have been a part of activities such as the Marymount Messenger, International Day and Touch Rugby

What has been your favourite part of Marymount so far?

This has to be my first day actually! Marymount was not like any other school I had been in, as an all-girls school with different rules and a completely different atmosphere to what I had experienced before, and I was really nervous at first. But my first day was super surprising in a good way as everyone was really welcoming and nice, and I made so many friends on my first day itself which I was not expecting – and I immediately fell in love with this community.

What prompted you to run for Student Council?

In this community, I don’t feel like I am judged for anything that I am doing. For example, I would have never have performed on stage in front of everyone before in my old schools, but everyone here was so encouraging and kept pushing me to try and go for it if that is what I wanted to do, and I feel like becoming SC president will give me the chance to give back to the community by serving it, as I have learnt a lot and I want to give back.

Our school has often been described as having this ‘Marymount Magic’ – what in your opinion is this ‘magic’ about Marymount, and how do you wish to develop/enhance this with your position as SC president?

For me the ‘Marymount Magic’ has to be the hospitality of the community. Even though I’ve only been here for less than a year, I have already seen myself grow and change being in this community, as the hospitality of the people taught me how to be more confident and push my limits, so this is definitely the ‘magic’ of Marymount that I have experienced. It’s the passion in this school.

Do you have any initiatives/ideas/goals you want to accomplish if elected as President?

The people in the school were so encouraging in making me participate in things that I would enjoy, and that made me more passionate about the school as well. And I too want always to try and bring about the changes that the people need and create initiatives that they will enjoy, too. If I am given the chance to be president, I will ensure that I initiate a lot of activities for the school, and give meaningful presentations for the school during assemblies.

One idea I have is to make the council more accessible by opening up social media accounts, having an email students can use to talk to the council, and sending out regular surveys. As president I will be representing not just High School but everyone, so I want to make sure everyone is more connected which can be done using these platforms. I also want to open up and create cultural clubs, so that these can act as opportunities for students to embrace the cultural diversity of Marymount. Marymount is already such a cultural and diverse place, and a lot of different representation is done here, and if I become president, I want to give students the opportunity to continue to embrace this diversity through clubs.

What do you believe makes a strong student leader, and how will you exemplify this as you lead the Student Council and the whole school body?

The main qualities of a good president would be commitment, collaboration and leadership, and I think that my experience in Touch Rugby help exemplify these qualities. Being a part of the team required me to have a lot of commitment, by turning up to every training session and working hard as part of the team, even though the sport was new to the school and we had to travel to train. I also showed collaboration as it is a team sport and communication with the rest in my team is so important to succeed. And I showed leadership, as I helped lead drills during trainings. So essentially being a part of a team such as touch rugby has helped me naturally develop these important skills, that I will apply these in my role as president as well.

Being a leader comes with its own set of challenges. What do you think the challenges of the role of president might be and how would you overcome these?

I think the main challenge for me would be my unfamiliarity with the role – as I have never had any big leadership positions in previous schools. But I am good at adapting to changes and challenges, and to overcome these challenges I will be just myself and use the skills I have to face these challenges with a good attitude, and carry out my leadership duties effectively.

Do you have anything else you want the school to know about you and why they should vote you for president?

I just want students to know that I love Marymount so much – which is the utmost important thing to me. It makes me excited to think about serving this community and giving back what I received and learned from the people here through the experiences I have had!