Episode 1: Back To School!

Oooh what is this category of the Marymount Messenger? Only the best category ever, the podcast! We’re joking of course, all sections of the Marymount Messenger are equally important, but the Podcast Category is a new addition to our Student-lead newspaper. In fact, it is part of our CAS project, us being Nadiyah Hansraj and Sofía Masondo.

As part of our CAS project we wanted to bring your Marymount community together, and what better way is there than a podcast that focuses on “student life, and the life of students”! Our CAS project will be running until we graduate, so buckle up, because you will be stuck with us for the next two years! But don’t worry, the podcast will not end as soon as we leave, because we hope to pass it on when we graduate. So, if you want to be the hosts of our podcast in the future, we love chocolate (just a heads up). If running a podcast seems a bit tough for you, or you just can’t wait two years to take over, don’t worry because we have the perfect solution. We would love to have students from the Marymount community, and even teachers, on our podcast, as guest hosts and guest stars! So, if this sounds appealing, shoot us an email at [email protected] or 22mado[email protected].

Speaking of guest stars, our first episode ever features the lovely Mugdha from Grade 11 and Mr Alexander-Bridger. We discuss the Student Council’s plans for Halloween and Mr A.B. gives us all of the details about his summer wedding. Are you still reading this article? We just told you that the podcast will be telling you about Mr Alexander-Bridger’s wedding! You should be listening to it by now!

We hope you enjoy our first episode of our CAS project, Time Out with Marymount!