COVID-19 Update


Image created by Megan Schackmann, staff member for the Marymount Messenger

In Assembly last week, Ms Simpson announced that the policy requiring to students and teachers to wear masks in class will remain in place until further notice. Due to a steep rise in COVID-19 cases in the UK, the school administration has decided to continue to enforce the use of face masks in classes. Many students are happy that the rule is here to stay. “It’s the new normal,” says Mugdha, Grade 11. “I appreciate that I am able to ensure the safety of others not just myself. Having parents with pre-existing conditions, I personally feel a duty to wear a mask all day, and I am glad the school has taken these types of circumstances into consideration.” Students say that it has become easier to wear the masks in classes. Vivi, also Grade 11, states that she is “okay with the policy as long as we are given adequate mask breaks.”

Marymount is unique in its mask policy. Many schools around the country do not require students and teachers to wear masks. Ms Hickox, English teacher, says that she is pleased that the administration has made such a firm decision to keep masks in place. “I’m more comfortable teaching in a mask during these unprecedented times,” she says.

While the mask policy seems to be effective, some students say that other measures meant to maintain social distancing, such as grade bubbles, are impractical on such a small campus. At lunch students must remove their masks to eat, and some grade groups overlap in the dining hall. In extracurricular activities, students in different grade groups may come within two metres of one another. Students are understanding of these realities. “Keeping the grade bubbles separate isn’t always practical because different grades need to interact with one another,” said a Grade 10 student. “I’m hopeful that COVID cases will start going down soon so that we can resume a more normal school life.”

Thus far, Marymount has not had a confirmed COVID case.


The Marymount Messenger Staff