The Unknown Impacts of COVID-19

COVID-19 Follow-up


Having lived through the global pandemic for a good proportion of the year, the majority of us are aware of the general impacts that it has had on society. From small businesses closing down, to wearing a face mask in the company of other people, it is safe to say that anyone reading this article has been impacted by the virus. Whilst we may all be aware of the major effects of the coronavirus, some of them are unknown to many people. This could be due to the weird nature of the impact, or simply not enough news sources reporting on them. So here they are, some uncommon impacts of Covid-19:


According to a researcher from The Guardian, sales of scented candles began to soar as soon as the second lockdown in the United Kingdom was introduced – only a couple weeks ago. In addition to that, oils for diffusers have been in demand and sales have increased by 29% in the last 40 day. Is this a coincidence? According to Zoe Wood, the idea of being in lockdown during winter has encouraged UK citizens to start buying ‘seasonal comforts’ which has resulted in a higher demand of these products than most years.


Swiftly moving forward, on a more serious note, businesses have experienced huge losses in sales. This is evident since many social media subscribers have decided to support small businesses on platforms using #supportsmallbusines or #shoplocal. But, one store in particular has had an interesting response to the loss they have experienced. Primark (is not a small business but…) has decided to increase their opening hours in December to make up for the £2 billion worth of sales they lost. Anyone fancy a late-night shop? Hours are expected to increase as soon as the lockdown comes to an end facilitating customers with more time to purchase items (or browse) which will be needed after another 20 days in lockdown.


If you didn’t already know, Covid-19 catalysed the British politician, Nigel Farage, to launch yet another political party: Reform UK. Keeping in mind that this is the man who is known as ‘the godfather of Brexit’, it is not a surprise that the goal of this new political party is – to put it simply – let the coronavirus spread. Although his goal is to ensure that the elderly population and the vulnerable population are protected, he has no worries about the youth contracting the virus.


So, there it is, a quick update of what the prevailing global pandemic has initiated in the last few weeks.