The Diary of an IB Student

Vivien Zartner

The IB (International Baccalaureate), is certainly an enriching and interesting journey that I am proud to be part of. As IBDP students, we are all aware of the opportunities and advantages that this diploma offers, however, we are also aware of how difficult it can be, and that it is definitely a learning opportunity!

Recently, Grade 11 finished their first term as new IB students, and it is safe to say that although we are all on the same boat, sometimes it felt as if that boat was sinking! We all had to adapt to the increase in content and expectations, as well as leading a balanced lifestyle.

I was interested to see what some of my friends thought about this new experience and if they could offer any advice on how to deal with times when smooth sailing turns into a violent storm.

“For me the most difficult thing has been to find a healthy school-life balance. Obviously it’s difficult to socialise right now, but getting enough sleep, exercise and downtime has fallen on my priority list. It’s easy to forget that all of these things actually make us perform better in school, and there’s a whole pandemic happening, so we have to take good care of ourselves. So far though, I’ve found school really fulfilling and I’m genuinely enjoying my classes, especially my HLs. It’s great to finally be able to choose the classes you are really interested it and be able to spend more time on those.” – Sofia Masondo (Grade 11)

“It is a lot harder than I expected, not gonna lie. It is hard to get used to the workload from your 6 subjects combined it with TOK, CAS and the EE. However, I think that if you manage your time appropriately and revise/make notes on what you have seen in class that day everything will be a bit easier. Overall, this first term has definitely showed me how challenging the IB is, even though it has barely started, but, in my opinion, I believe that it prepares you better for university or future studies. Not only because some of the projects, such as the EE, are examples of what you may be asked to do at uni, but also because it doesn’t just focus on memorising concepts, but also teaches you practical skills”.

“Rollercoaster”- Mugdha Vasishth (Grade 11)

“The first semester of IB has been a new chapter in my life and I have had to deal with a rollercoaster of emotions. I have enjoyed the chance to further my passion and understanding in the subjects I have chosen as these subject areas are centred around my interests and strengths. I have been a student at Marymount since 6th grade and teachers have always been efficient, supportive and stood us in good stead ,however this year as IB students we are forming closer relationships with our teachers . The general expectations and workload are a lot higher. At times when one subject was going well, there was a mishap in another, however this experience has urged me to reflect on my approaches to learning and given me the opportunity to take those into account and start this semester afresh”. Sakshi Athreya (Grade 11)

Personally, although the IB can seem like an intimating experience (and can be at times), I think that it is important to understand that it is a process that takes time to get used to and that we cannot always get straight sevens and sixes and excel in every single thing. It is however necessary to

reflect on your own strategies and mindset and learn how to apply them to various situations that we face as various IB students, for example, coming up with IA ideas, learning smarter not harder and dealing with stress.