Alkaisi, Rawan: The effects of the media on beauty standards

Rawan Alkaisi
The effects of the Media on the Beauty Standards

My topic of my project is the beauty standards for European women and how the media takes part in the process and how it effects the women involved. My research involved the way that the media could affect women could result in it affecting it negatively in a mental and physical way. I have chosen European women as my target for this project because according to a study done, the media targets European women from the ages 7-12 according to Hamilton’s article written by Alexandra Ossola (The Media’s Effect on Women’s Body Image). I focused more between the ages 13 – early 20 as it would be helpful research to know the effects of it in the long run and the future for those girls. My goal was to spread awareness and inform others of my research through a video. The reason for this is because it is helpful to know how the media affects beauty standards since it can be relevant to many people. My product was a video of compiled research that is relevant to my audience (14 – 19-year-olds). I have chosen to do a video as it is linked to my research about media. This was challenging to accomplish because researching beauty standard and its effects of it, can be difficult to appeal to everyone through a video, and it was also difficult to keep the video entertaining enough for the people watching since this is a serious topic. I ended up making the video a bit longer than it should have been, and that made it more difficult to keep the viewers interested. But this also showed how much research was put into this. I was able to succeed in making an appealing video to my target audience, my research was very well represented. According to feedback from viewers, the video was very helpful and educational, the execution of my video was done well. 

When you are doing the Personal Project next year, I would recommend choosing a realistic topic from the beginning to be ready since my topic got rejected twice before they let my do this topic. This really forced me to catch up with everyone else since I was really behind. Also please start your project early and on time, don’t leave everything to the last minute. 

Watch Rawan’s video of her presentation here: