Flatau, Juliette: Would You Think? Sustainable Fashion You Want to Wear magazine


Juliette Flatau
‘Would You Think? Sustainable Fashion You Want to Wear’

There is a serious deficit of sustainable fashion that is affordable and trendy. After living a low-waste lifestyle for one year, I realised there are so few ways to buy sustainable and trendy fashion and your best options are to buy second hand, which is difficult to do for all your clothes, or sew, which can feel inaccessible.  I decided I wanted to help change that, by learning to sew and creating a magazine that shows people truly how easy is to make your own clothes, and how it can be eco-friendly too. WYT, standing for ‘Would You Think’ shows you how to make a carbon-neutral and trendy tie-headscarf. At first it could seem difficult, but I have learnt to sew in six-months and written a simple tutorial to encourage anyone else do it. A tie-headscarf is a popular item, seen all over Pinterest, where it is a popular accessory for ‘Cottagecore’ and ‘Indie’ looks, so why not, in preparation for a COVID-free summer, make an eco-friendly head accessory. 

I love finding new ways to live more sustainably, and sewing is something very important to my family. Learning to sew is a direct intersection of my love of creativity and sustainability, and I have ended up loving it even more than I thought possible. Working in conjunction with my family, reaching out for advice from people I look up to and working hard to make this project the best it can be for me, the whole experience has been so gratifying. I love sustainability and making my tie-headscarf has inspired me so much to continue past the Personal Project, I now have so many new sewing projects I want to take up. 


The biggest challenge was, as lockdown happened, I could not get a lot of the supplies I originally wanted. Second hand shops and all my local sewing warehouses were shut. I had to get resourceful with my materials and also ended up having to model my final headscarf myself. It was hard to get used to, but now I have more to write about in my reflection. 

Advice for upcoming Grade 10s who are doing the project next year

My best piece of advice to next year’s Grade 10s is to make your project journal a format you want to fill. Add drawings or make your page presentation look super pretty. Cover your journal in stickers or photos of inspiration, just make is something you want to fill out as you go through the project. 

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