Gao, Giselle: Nature and Us: A Collection Book of Paintings and Poetry

Name: Giselle Gao
Title: Nature and Us: A Collection Book of Paintings and Poetry

This is a collection book of Impressionist paintings and poems featuring nature as their main subjects or simply as means of the author’s self-expression. Throughout the researching process, I studied the ways in which individuals are able to express their inner emotions through objects in nature. By creating this collection book, I wished to express my admiration, reverence and appreciation for the natural world. Within the collection book, I also included my original poem and painting, which I created as a part of my final product. The painting, which can be found on the cover, is created using acrylic paint on canvas, whereby I conveyed my lamentation and anxiety for the diminishing beauty of nature due to the interference of humanity. In the poem, I compared Earth to a mother and humanity as one of her children, along with other organisms that exist with nature’s nourishment, such as vegetation. Ultimately, the poem was aimed to deliver a sense of regret toward our uncurbed destruction of nature, while heightening our intricate relationship with her.Significance to me: This product is a summation of my truest feelings toward nature and the human ability to express themselves, be it their appreciation for nature or own emotions. This product is especially personal to me as its creation gave me the opportunity to acquire new knowledge in painting, poem-writing and strengthen my ability to analyze works of art and literature.

Challenges and successes: One of the greatest challenges I faced in the Project was the need for me to alter the medium and size of my painting due to the closure of schools: I was unable to access oil paint materials and a medium-sized canvas outside of school. However, this also resulted in one of my biggest successes, as I was able to devise an alternative to the medium and size, by using acrylic on a mini canvas, which were readily available. Though this was a compromise of my goal for the project, I believe that I have learned to be resilient when facing limitations, which is a beneficial quality for any future challenges.

Advice for future Grade 10s: do not be afraid if your project does not happen according to plan! I think this is especially important with the pandemic, since we may come across many unpredictable situations that are completely out of our control. Therefore, it is crucial for us to have a flexible mindset prepared for any changes!

Find a PDF of the collection here: nature and us – Giselle

Giselle’s original painting