Onyia, Chinua: ọrọ, a podcast about Nigerian history

Name: Chinua Onyia
Title: ọrọ

For my personal project, I created a podcast about Nigerian history called ọrọ. I recorded three episodes covering the Nigerian civil war, the Benin Empire and Fela Kuti. This project was important to me because growing up a lot of the history I was taught about Nigeria, and Africa in general, was rooted and based on a western perspective and in my opinion, the continent holds a lot of untold history. I wanted to portray a different side of Africa, remote from colonialism and slavery. I felt a podcast was the most appropriate way to do this because it reminded me of the aural manner in which history was told in the past. Before it was written down, it was spoken or sung. I thought a podcast was a modern tribute to that. The biggest challenge I have faced so far is the uncertainty due to the pandemic. It has really kept me on my feet, and I have had to adapt my project a couple times. The most vital piece of advice I would give the upcoming grade 10s is to make sure they pick something they are not only passionate about but will find fun and interesting, especially months into the project. 


Listen to an episode of Chinua’s podcast here: