Quillen, Elizabeth: “The Effects Social Media Has on Teenagers’ Mental Health” dance video

Elizabeth Quillen

Developing a Choreographic Dance Piece Depicting the Effect of Social media on Teenage Mental Health

My product of my personal project is a 2-minute dance which depicts the effects social media has on teenage mental health. Through my research I found out that these main affects were anxiety, depression and addiction. This project is personal to me as I am a dancer and I love expressing important messages through choreography. Originally, my product was meant to be a group dance with other dancers from my grade and we were supposed to film in the dance studio. Due to the various lockdowns, I had to change my product idea by making it a solo piece. The most challenging part of this was performing the dance at my house, as the space I had was a lot smaller than the studio at school. The successes of my project would be that I overcame the challenges and still managed to produce a dance piece and adhere to my main goal. My advice to the next year’s Grade 10s would be to choose a topic which really interests you, as you will spend up to 5 months working on it as well as to have fun with it as the Personal project is a really interesting process. 


Watch Elizabeth’s video here: