Soards, Coco: Composing a soundtrack for a video game

Name: Coco Soards
Title: Composing a soundtrack for a video game

My Personal Project focuses on composing a soundtrack to an indie video game. Choosing the idea for the Personal Project was hard. The one definite idea I had was to do something regarding music, as music is one of my biggest passions. Over quarantine, I developed a great appreciation for music, especially in video games, and I have always loved playing video games in my spare time. I realised that these were two activities I could immerse myself in and knew that this would be an opportunity to start learning proper composition. My project goal is to learn how to compose for video games, which involves learning how to write a score for various orchestral instruments. My process included finding an indie game, recording the footage, composing for the game, and then putting the music and footage together. This project means a lot to me because it is a combination of both of my passions. It also allows me to learn how to compose, which is something I have wanted to do. Due to this, I have found making the product an enjoyable experience!

The hardest part of this project was starting the process of composing once I had the motif. Even with all my research, I found it challenging to express my ideas on a score. I had to make everything work for each instrument, which involved consulting my research a lot. The easiest part was documenting my thoughts every time I worked on the project. Even though a lot was going through my mind, it was fun to write down why I made each decision. Looking back, I now see how I got my final product. Finally, the best part was playing the game for footage, since it is a beautiful game. I had to put my computer on mute as I could not hear the original soundtrack, but it was still enjoyable.

My advice to future Grade 10s would be to make a realistic plan that you know you will follow.

Watch and listen to the video and original soundtrack here: