Tako, Mibu: ME; A fashion magazine presenting London and Tokyo fashion

Name: Mibu Tako
Title: ME; A fashion magazine presenting the similarities and dissimilarities between British and Japanese fashion.

For my personal project, I created a fashion magazine featuring Autumn outfits from the highstreets in both Tokyo and London. By comparing the Autumn 2020 trends, I distinguished the cultural differences amongst Western and Asian countries. These represented the major personality traits in each community, where I came to self-acknowledge the importance of having to respect and appreciate the individualities and cultural diversity across the globe.

Since I was little, my passions have always been drawn towards fashion. I’ve also loved to write, and thus I decided to combine the two aspects of journalism and fashion into my grade 10 personal project. After living in Japan for ten years, I had the opportunity to move to London two years ago. This was when I was stunned by the culture in England, where literally everything was different from what I had always lived with for the past ten years. As I spent more time in London, I came to realise that the features I find unique in London may be something that could only be seen from an Asian perspective. Moreover, through the interaction with Marymount students, I became capable of appreciating my ethnic background from a much more inclusive point of view. That said, my aim for this project was to share other teenagers my interpretations on how different countries could be extremely different, but very similar at the same time.

After completing the process of product-making, I found it most rewarding to see the printed version of my magazine. To be able to physically flip the pages over really meant something to me. It gave me a much stronger sense of accomplishment compared to when the digital version was saved into my laptop. The goal I chose definitely required much time on-screen, rather than doing something practical. Given that, it was challenging to persistently work on the tasks that I set to myself, and to keep up to all the deadlines. Still, I was able to develop effective self-management skills at the end, which have helped me to productively work on different school homework, especially during online learning.

For those who will become grade 10 next year, I really recommend you to choose a project that you know you will enjoy. This is something that your teacher would never stop telling you until the final submissions of your chosen goals. Personal project will require much time and effort, which is why you would have to enjoy the process itself. Also, if you keep reflecting on your small decision-makings over the course of year, it will definitely become a daily habit. You will eventually thank yourself when writing the report, and this also lets you realize how much you have accomplished at the very end of your project.

In spite of all the challenging moments I faced in order to create this small magazine, I now feel much more independent and confident compared to my own self half a year ago.


Watch below to see Mibu’s project!