Talabany, Shara: The Art of Traditional Kurdish Dress

Shara Talabany
The Art of Traditional Kurdish Dress

Description: My personal project is about Kurdish Culture, focusing on Kurdish traditional dress for women. For my project, I was inspired to create a video that would help me discover and learn more about the art of Kurdish dress and also try and create a piece of traditional clothing myself (unfortunately I only got to finish my video on time but I am continuing to work on my own traditional item of clothing). My goal focused on informing/teaching people about Kurdish traditional dress to reflect the importance of cultural diversity. The Global Context I chose was “Personal and Cultural Expression” with my strand being “The ways in which we discover and express ideas, feelings, nature, culture, beliefs and values”. What makes this project personal and special to me is that I am exploring Kurdish traditional dress as a Kurd myself which helps me delve deeper into my roots and something that’s a part of my identity. 

I think that this year’s personal project was challenging but fun; due to COVID-19, I know many of the other girls struggled with their project and had to change their products to adapt however, I think I was lucky in that I had most of the resources I needed. I think using the sewing machine would have been the most difficult part of my project and I remember jamming it many times (too many times to count) when I first started using it. Finishing my video would definitely be the most rewarding part of my project though. I had the chance to explore so many things and reflect my learning through my short documentary video. 

Some advice for the upcoming Grade 10s (current Grade 9s) would be firstly – to pick a topic/goal that you are really interested in. It may be hard to make choices but even I myself as a very indecisive person was able to make that decision. So, it’s okay not to be sure at first but definitely think of a topic that you wouldn’t get bored or tired of. My second piece of advice is to be realistic. When you’re thinking of your goal, use the acronym SMART. It’s important to know how much you’re capable of doing/accomplishing because time goes much quicker than you think. And lastly, enjoy it! The personal project seemed so scary to me at first, but as you go along, you learn to love it more and more. So, although it’s hard, don’t be nervous or scared but be excited!

Watch Shara’s video below: