Panczyk, Ola: Equine Therapy Informative Video

Name: Ola Panczyk
Title: Equine therapy informative video

My personal project is an informative video that portrays the idea of Equine Therapy and explains how it can be used as an effective technique for maintaining mental health and well-being. Throughout the video, the different ways in which Equine Therapy influences mental health are explored and explained. It is a video that allowed me to combine my life-long passion with an outcome that could improve other people’s lives.

As an eventer and a psychology enthusiast, it is interesting to me how horses can be used not only for sport but also to help people overcome their mental health. I find it amazing that I might be able to help people by exploring the topic and sharing it with a broad section of the Marymount community. In this way, teens and their friends and family members can learn and benefit from it.

I think a challenge that I faced during my Personal Project was my time-management, especially when it came to assigning tasks for myself. I realized how often I want to do too many things simultaneously, which ends up in me not being able to decide what I want to do. However, thanks to the Personal Project, I was able to find a management system that helped me in prioritizing my tasks, and which I can use further in my learning experience as well as in life.

I think a piece of advice I would give is not to give up on your idea, no matter how many times you get turned down or fail. If you are truly interested and passionate about a topic, don’t let minor inconveniences come in the way of you pursuing that idea. Be resilient and believe in what you’re doing, but above all, have fun with it!

Watch Ola’s video below: