Personal Project Exhibition

Getty Images/iStockphoto

Diya Asawa

On a cloudy afternoon in the middle of May, the Grade 10 students gathered in the auditorium to celebrate the completion of their Personal Projects. As we neatly arranged our products at our stands and congratulated each other, the weather no longer felt as dreary as it had before.

As we waited for the rest of the school to visit the exhibition in their Grade bubbles, we flicked through the pages of scribbles and sticky notes in our process journals and realised how far we had come since October. Every single student had done an incredible amount of research and planning to create the products being displayed, which ranged from magazines and videos to clothing and music. Coco (Grade 10) explained that “everyone had such unique ideas and no one’s project was the same, which made all our stands so interesting.”

Even though the final product was the most rewarding outcome of the Personal Project, all the Grade 10s knew that the product was just a small slice of the bigger cake. Catarina (Grade 10) thought that “the experience was different for everyone, but we were all able to absorb a lot of knowledge from the whole journey.” The process may have sometimes felt bittersweet, but, looking back, we were so grateful for the lessons we had learned from constantly reflecting on our ATL skills to frantically writing emails to schedule meetings with our understanding supervisors. It was these moments that made our journeys personal and memorable. In fact, Ariana (Grade 9), one of the visitors at the exhibition, explained that her favourite part of the project was learning about the “culture and personal experience used in the projects.”

The Grade 10 students eagerly shared their best advice with the younger grades, which made the exhibition particularly useful for the Grade 9 students. Inder (Grade 9), really enjoyed “looking at all the projects and getting ideas” for projects that she could do in Grade 10.

A large part of our Personal Projects had been completed during the lockdown, so the Grade 10 students were thrilled about the exhibition. Ola (Grade 10) explained, “I enjoyed answering all their questions, whether it was a teacher asking about my product or Grade 9 students asking about the process and any helpful tips. It was amazing to see everyone!”