Object 1: blurb of a video published by the BBC in 2021

May 25, 2021


This object is the blurb of a video published by the BBC in 2021. The video discusses the challenges that occur when Tanya Robertson promotes her lingerie company, ‘Womanhood’, to male investors. Bras can be considered as a ‘taboo’ topic and Robertson discusses the awkwardness and stiffness that occurs when she discusses her business, this in turn prevents expansion on the important aspects of the actual product itself. ‘Womenhood’ offers well thought-out and meticulous bras that consider style, shape and fluctuating body sizes, however, this is over-looked and instead “the topic changes to numbers, and growth”1, which is a lot more extensive. This switch, conducted by the males in the meeting, eases the challenge of the communication of knowledge, the taboo topic of bras. The avoidance of this challenge in the short-term, causes many negative repercussions in the future. The challenges raised by the loss of communication and dissemination of this vital information revolving the importance of bras can equal to less high-quality and inclusive bras made for women. This challenge results to body exclusivity, and in turn manifests into body image-related mental health issues, such as body-dysmorphia.

We can infer that Roberston is an expert in the field of bras and lingerie, yet her expertise and knowledge is disregarded by the male investors that she speaks to, thus demonstrating the challenge of gender-roles and male dominance in the workplace. This object enriches this exhibition as it demonstrates the challenges that gender plays when communicating knowledge, as well as the challenges that females face when disseminating female-related topics among men. This object is just a small representation of many other incidences that negatively affect females in the contemporary society that we live in. This example exposes the possible initial source of women constantly striving to morph their body into unrealistic standards, simply because essential bras and lingerie cannot cater to their body size, this is especially detrimental and mentally draining for women in our contemporary society.

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