Object 2: article taken from ‘The Guardian’

May 25, 2021

Object 2: article taken from ‘The Guardian’

This object is an article taken from ‘The Guardian’ regarding the issue of race and translation in relation to Amanda Gorman’s ‘The Hill we Climb’, it was published in March 2021. When we consider language barriers and translation, we can infer that the initial meaning is lost due to the way that individual languages project abstract meanings of words through literary techniques such as metaphors, idioms, and euphemisms.

This object in relation to the prompt projects the challenges that are presented when translating, as well as whom has the authority to translate. Dutch and English, offer great differences, Amanda Gorman specifically chose words that could be considered unique to the English language to best project the themes of hope and recovery. However, the new way in which the poem is communicated to the Dutch audience could convey different meanings, themes and messages, as Dutch words cannot acquire what Gorman’s carefully chosen English words exude. This object in relation to the prompt demonstrates the conflict between translation and different language, as different languages cannot allude to the same nuances and connotations.

The other issue that this article implies is the differences between Rijneveld and Gorman as people; Rijneveld is a male and not a person of colour, whilst Gorman is a black woman. Poetry is a form of expression and Gorman has formulated her poem in that way, she alludes to the struggle that she has faced as a minority in society throughout her poem, and Rijneveld cannot project the same meaning that she does especially when having to manipulate the Dutch language to conform to her poem. Thus, this object enriches this exhibition as it demonstrates the challenge presented by the dissemination of one’s knowledge is that value and meaning can be stripped when someone of a different ethnicity and gender translates a poem which is an outlet for expression.

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