Object 2: Text Conversation

May 26, 2021


My second object is a screenshot taken from a text conversation with my father who does not use much emojis, (or explanation/question mark) which makes the text look formal and strict. In this screenshot, I was asking my father if he enjoyed shopping with me, but he replied “yes” dryly and it made me wonder if he actually enjoyed it.

This is relevant to this exhibition, since with the lack of emojis, it creates a challenge to communicate to share knowledge (about how we feel). By not using emojis, the text could misconvey the person’s expression, and lead to misunderstandings. My father in this text replies with a period, which made it sound very formal and it looks like he replied without much effort, as if he does not care. Even if he did actually enjoy and

cared about the text conversation, I misunderstood and thought he was upset. This lack of emojis in the text is a challenge raised by the communication of knowledge.

Another way this relates to the exhibition is that the technology usage of generations creates a challenge in communication. For my generation, it is normal to text with emojis to express how we feel, but my father’s generation does not use emojis as much as we do. This may be because they are used to texting for work, which requires formality. It may also be because as the older generations, they may not care about new functions of technology as much as younger generations, including usage of emojis. For example in this conversation, he says “haha” without any emojis but in my generation, it is very common to put a laughing emoji next to it. My generation’s ‘normal’ way of texting and my father’s generation’s ‘normal’ way of texting is different, which is a challenge raised by communication.

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