Object 3: Instagram’s Comment Section about Black People’s Rights.

May 26, 2021


My third object is an instagram comment section for a post that stands up for black people’s rights. This post showed up on my recommended page, and these kinds (supporting black people’s rights) of posts and views are common in my instagram feed, because they are based on my previous browsing history.

This object is interesting for this exhibition, because there may be challenges in dissemination of knowledge on instagram, caused by the “echo chamber”. Echo chamber is when I would only receive perspectives that are similar to mine, making me

believe that my view is right/majority. These two commenters show anger towards prejudiced black people, and it makes me believe that this is what most people think, since I am only exposed to this side of perspective. However, in reality there may be more people who give racist comments than I think. The echo chamber is a challenge that blocks the dissemination of knowledge (about different views).

Another way this object is relevant to the exhibition is because there is a chance for these comments to be fake or overexaggerated information in order to raise awareness and get attention. This is because anyone can comment and share knowledge on instagram, and they are all free to share their thoughts, just like how the second commenter did. He mentions how “Boris Johnson is pushing to become a dictator” but this is not officially announced, and this is only commenter 2’s theory. People who read this comment may disseminate to more people, and this theory might become so popular that people would think it is an official information. Trusting fake information could lead to misunderstandings and dissemination of false knowledge, creating a challenge caused by the dissemination of knowledge.


Object 1- Ishigaki, R., 1998. Ishigaki Rin shishū. Tōkyō: Kadokawa Haruki Jimusho.

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