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May 26, 2021

10. What challenges are raised by the dissemination and/or communication of knowledge?

Object 1: Twitter – a tweet made by @selenalarson


Communication through social media platforms and iMessage’s have increased particularly during the Covid-19 pandemic. Evolving from letters to iPhones, receiving a message has developed in style and rapidity. Emojis are small digital images which can be used as replacements and abbreviations to words. They help convey a sentiment and meaning which can easily be miscommunicated. This can be seen in the text messages shared between @selenalarson and her mother. Once a person creates their own word or meaning behind an emoji it may be difficult due to another person’s idea on that emoji. This shows the challenges with are raised by the dissemination and communication of emojis.

One way in which this tweet contributes to this exhibition is the dissemination of how the emoji was interpreted between @selenalarson and her mother. This digital image shows a smiling face with two hands, a simple icon like this can be interpreted in many different ways. Facing the challenges of this miscommunication defeat the purpose of being able to use emojis for its rapid use which is one of the main reasons people include these digital icons in their texts. Some people believe emojis are used as a code having its very own keyboard on most technology. This can be seen next to a variety of keyboards filled with many languages. Essentially emojis have become a whole new alphabet filled with expressions, animals and food.

Emojis can be used on different devices such as apple, google and Samsung. It is possible to send a message to a completely different design of a device such as apple to Samsung. The only challenge is, is that the person receiving the message may get a contrasting digital image. It may be the possible outcome of most miscommunication which could possibly have been the case for @selenalarson and her mother. In summary emojis which are sent daily and are being analyzed on the different ways the icon may be presented. Either positively, negatively or even sarcastically.

Object 2: Online article – “VACCINE MYTHS DEBUNKED”


A vaccine encourages a person’s immune system to protect themselves from specific diseases. Vaccines are usually given through injections. The thought of injecting a product into your body may not sound pleasing to some due to the many side effects possibly given. Whilst living through a world-wide pandemic, discussions of getting the vaccine have increased causing there to be a higher contrast in anti-vaxxers and people who accept vaccines. For years there have been debates on whether the parents of a child would allow their child to have a vaccine. This is all due to the false information, just like this article, which helped spread and influence people’s choices.

This picture from an article enriches this exhibition as there is false belief about vaccines being spread. This information gives an entirely new opinion challenging peoples decisions, especially the people who may not be very educated on this topic. Although this information was first shared in 1997, having it release in a reputable medical journal shows the possible trust in the information shown. This gives the readers more of a reason to believe that vaccines cause autism due to how highly rated this article was due to the amount of reviews. The importance of protecting someone from a disease is at risk as this information dates back from the 1990’s.

The study was removed from the journal recently as there were mistakes found due to the many errors. After seven more studies of finding a link between vaccines and autism but there was no evidence found. The use of language in the article such as, “measles’, “mumps” and “rubella” communicate negatively to the readers. To conclude, this shows the challenges spreading information which may be falsely miscommunicated to the public and how often information can be believed without having sufficient evidence.

Object 3: Online article – “Baroness Jones: why did so many people take her 6pm curfew for men proposal at face value?”


The disappearance and death of a women named Sarah Everard caused discussion on the topic of women’s safety at night. Comments were made from the metropolitan police of how women should restrict themselves from going out alone. Baroness Jones, a green party peer, went against the comments and sarcastically suggested a 6pm curfew for men. People shared their views immediately and did not look at the purpose behind the communication of the curfew suggestion. Her way of communicating was to offer something to men which women are experiencing daily, but the responses showed how they thought the opposite.

This article found online shows the challenges which are found in women raising awareness to their gender. An example in the article shows a tweet made by Nigel Farage calling the left “deranged”. This clearly shows how the information was miscommunicated as the suggestion had been taken seriously. The information shared about curfews was understood between both genders in a very contrasting way. For example, a curfew for women was understood independently through personal experience and understanding whereas for men the suggestion was shown on television in front of the House of Lords.

Another example of a challenge found was that the opinions caused a variety of misogynistic online abuse. These may be the dangers linking to mental health and the safety of the person communicating their beliefs and views. A reaction is always a dependent view which can show another person’s side of beliefs. It also shows how serious a piece of information is taken and how it may be personal especially through the division between genders. To summarize it is challenging sharing information on television and news articles which are both large platforms of communication sharing knowledge to the majority of the country. It proves how easy it is to misunderstand the concept behind information and ideas.

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