Object 1: A timetable of a scientifically inclined student

May 27, 2021


This object explores the real-world context of a grade 11 student’s timetable after switching one IB higher level subject, in turn making their curriculum predominantly numerically based. Interestingly, the student chose their subjects to conform to socialised (family) values, i.e. that STEM subjects have high economic value in today’s capitalist society. Essentially, cherry-picking subjects important to their material success. However, it could be said that the student will be overly immersed in objective subjects, developing a narrow focused skill set and perspective at the expense of realising their other abilities.

This object’s inclusion exemplifies how our values, i.e. what subjects we deem valuable to us, dictate how we acquire knowledge. Moreover, when we focus on a particular subject group it may only allow us, as the knower, to obtain knowledge from a limited viewpoint. Consequently, the knower’s outlook on life will probably be a reflection of the ideas learnt from this body of knowledge, and how, from that, they will continue to seek knowledge via this lens. Importantly, because the knower’s values have led them to make these educational decisions, the knowledge acquired may also mold future

values, which might be overly objective, e.g. studying statistics might engender a disposition to view humans, collectively, as quantifiable data rather than individual persons.

Furthermore, a second link to the question is that values exist, whether acknowledged or not, and can mean this student’s focused timetable may only nurture their values from a numerical and logical perspective, and while doing so, leave their creative abilities dormant (see Object 2 regarding the union of science and art). Thus affecting their acquisition of knowledge, in that only one area of knowledge is developed, hindering the formation of new non-scientific values, gained from a variety of subjective perspectives in the future. Therefore, our values, reflected in our educational choices, can both open and close opportunities to acquire a diverse range of knowledge.

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