Object 1: Agent Hannah Wells

May 27, 2021


This object is Agent Hannah Wells, a character that when working for the USA President, was instructed to detect the bomber of the capitol. Wells asked her colleagues to illegally trace numberplates of cars and locations through mobile phones. By doing this, she was getting closer to revealing the bomber whilst consciously breaking the law. In the image above she got caught in a suspect’s apartment.

This character is enriching to my exhibition as Wells is shown to go to great lengths to catch the bomber as she valued knowing their identity to bring justice rather than valuing following the legal path towards this knowledge. Being an FBI agent, the characters job is to identify felons and that changed the values of other characters which could be a reason for the lengths she took, illegally, to identify the bomber in the show. In the real world, like Wells’ character, one’s job can affect the way one acquires knowledge, for example the police would be more likely to follow the law when acquiring knowledge than a hacker.

Another way this character adds to my exhibition is how she influences others to partake in the illegal activity to find the bomber. Influences on others can change people’s values, affecting acquisition of knowledge. In the show, Wells convinces an IT technician in the FBI to illegally trace the phones of potential suspects. At first the technician’s character was unwilling to break the law as he valued his job security but after persuasion by well’s character, he valued the bombers’ identity more, leading him to illegally acquire it. My object represents that persuasion can influence one’s values and that changes one’s method of acquiring knowledge.

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